Energy efficient recommendations

In general, it is quite possible to reduce electricity consumption by 40-50% without changing the quality of life and habits. Some simple rules are given below to help reduce energy consumption.


·        Replace incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient light bulbs. Their service life is 6 times longer, and their consumption is 5 times lower. During operation, such a light bulbs pays for the cost spent on it 8-10 times.

·        Use spot lighting, it is not always necessary to illuminate the whole room.

·        Make it a rule to switch off the lights when leaving the room.

·        Light-colored walls, light-colored curtains, bright windows reduce light costs by 10-15%.

·        Since 2014, in accordance with EU regulations, all household appliances have been rated from A to A +++. For example, new refrigerators and washing machines have an energy efficiency rating of between A+ and A+++, based on how efficient it is in relation to its size.

·        It is advisable to replace the equipment if it is more than ten years old, because it consumes much more energy. The new technology consumes about a third of the energy compared to the technology of ten years ago.

·        Before you buy an electric heater, it is important to find out what is your priority, quick heating of the room or keeping the heat for a long time, and you should make a choice according to this. You won’t waste too much electricity if you prefer to heat up quickly. Also, when choosing a heating device, it is advisable to choose a heater with temperature control parameters - a chronometer that will allow you to set a schedule for the heater’s operation and a thermostat that will make it possible to set and to maintain the desired temperature in the room.

·        Turn off devices that have been in standby mode for a long time. In standby mode, TVs consume between 3 and 10 watts. During a year, 4 such devices consume 300-400 kWh.

·        Boil as much water as you want to use in an electric kettle.

·        If you are not charging anything, do not leave the chargers of your mobile phone, laptop and other devices plugged in. In this case, it still consumes electricity, when the charger is continuously connected to the network, up to 95% of the energy is lost.

·         The windows and doors should be closed when using the air conditioner.