• Why and when a deposit is accrued?


According to the Resolution №47 of the GNERC, TELMIСO has the right to charge a deposit to the customer’s card in the following cases:


• In case of temporary use of real estate or a part of it;

• If the customer has three or more outstanding electricity bills within a continuous period of 12 months;

• If electricity supply has for 5 or more months been terminated due to non-payment; 

• If the average monthly cost of electricity consumption by a commercial customer exceeds GEL 50,000, and at the same time:


a) the customer does not have a property that, in case of a dispute, can be foreclosed to satisfy the supplier’s claim;

b) the property owned by the customer is encumbered, which, in the event of a dispute, leads to the belief that the supplier’s claim will not be satisfied. 


  • How the deposit is calculated?


The deposit should not exceed the average monthly fee accrued over the last 12 months, which is calculated by dividing the electricity fee accrued for 12 months to the number of months during which the consumption took place, and in case of a temporary use of someone else's property (lease), the amount of the deposit can be calculated in accordance with the cost of the first month of the services.


  • What actions does TELMICO take before accruing a deposit?


After the customer violates the term for payment of the accrued cost during a continuous 12-month period twice, the supplier company (TELMICO) warns the customer via SMS not to violate again the payment deadline determined as per the bill, since in case of a third delay, the law provides for the possibility of charging a deposit to the customer.


  • Where the amount of the paid deposit is reflected, and when can it be used?


• The deposit represents a guarantee amount of payment for the services by the customer, which is reflected on the customer’s individual card. If the subscriber violates the terms of the electricity supply contract, the supplier has the right to withhold the specified amount to repay the debt and reduce the customer's debt to corresponding amount;

• If the deposit liability is accrued due to a late payment, and there is no violation of the payment term within the next 12 months, the deposit liability is tacitly cancelled for the customer and the amount will be returned to the customer's subscription card or may be refunded to the bank account subject to the customer's application;

• A customer to whom a deposit has been charged due to a three-times late payment or due to electricity restriction for a continuous period of 5 or more months due to non-payment for the services, can pay off the current debt with the amount of the deposit, provided that the amount written off from the deposit will be replenished along with the next month’s debt;

• If the customer is obliged to pay a deposit during the temporary use of real estate (lease agreement, and etc.), the deposit amount will be returned only after the expiration of the lease period, if at that time the customer has no outstanding obligations to the supplier.