Types of supply

Universal supply


·        Universal service refers to the user’s right to receive electricity at a reasonable, non-discriminatory and transparent price;

·         Household users;

·          Small enterprises;

·          Only one supplier is allowed to provide universal service in one distribution service area;

·           GNERC establishes the conditions and tariff of the universal supplier.


Last alternative supply


·        The supply of the last alternative is used as a measure to ensure security of supply in cases where the user loses the supplier during the “malfunctioning” operation of the market relations;

·        Supplier’s planned or unplanned withdrawal from the market;

·        Gross breach of obligations by the supplier;

·        Last alternative supply is allowed for a period not exceeding 3 months;

·        The conditions and tariff of the last alternative supply are determined by GNERC;


Public supplier


Household users and small enterprises, that meet the criteria established by the concept and are not subject to universal service, will be considered to be connected to the standard agreement for the electricity supply as an electricity public service approved by the Commission.