Electricity tariffs in Tbilisi decreased

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Electricity tariffs in Tbilisi decreased

According to the decision of the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC), electricity tariffs for household and non-household customers in Tbilisi were reduced. In accordance with the steps of consumption, the cost of 1 kilowatt of electricity amounted to:

For household customers

Category of the user

Tariff (incl. VAT)

0 kWh - 101 kWh inclusive

15,04 Tetri

From 101 kWh to 301 kWh inclusive

19,05 Tetri

301 kWh and more

23,53 Tetri


For non-household customers

Voltage step

Tariff (incl. VAT)

35 - 110 kWh

24,37 Tetri

3,3-6-10 kWh

26,64 Tetri

220/380 (Small Enterprise)

29,93 Tetri


The updated rates entered into force from January 1, 2024. Accordingly, the fee calculated at the reduced rate will be reflected in the receipt for February.

For more information, customers can contact the call center of the company “Telmico” on the following numbers: +995 32 5 000 777;  16 700, or write us a private message on Facebook page or an electronic mail address