Telmico's statement

Dear customers!


Recall that by the decision of the GNERC, from January 2022, the meter reading period and the deadline for payment of electricity were changed.

To switch to the new accounting model, at the end of December 2021, JSC "Telasi" took a display from the meters, based on the received testimonies, "Telmico" prepared and sent receipts.

Inaccuracies may be detected in the process of taking the testimony. A detailed analysis of the testimonies is underway at the moment, in case of detection of errors the taxes will be recalculated. In addition, in the process of tax adjustment, the supply of electricity will not be restricted.

If you have any questions about the volume of electricity consumption, you can use the service * 303 #, or contact us at the call center, via Facebook, or via email.

We would like to inform you that the information spread in some media outlets about the increase of electricity tariffs from January 1 does not correspond to reality. The tariff for electricity supplied by Telmiko has not changed since January 1, 2022. Approved tariffs can be found on the GNERC website or on Telmiko's official website:

Telmico Call Center Number +995 32 5 000 777, E-mail: