Telmico has opened the first customer service center

Telmico has opened the first customer service center.

From now on, the population of Tbilisi will be able to provide any services related to electricity in a convenient way. Tbilisi Electricity Supplier Company "Telmico" has opened the first customer service center.

What services will the subscribers receive in the service center?

"Telmico" Customer Service Center will provide customers with services such as:


● Repayment of electricity debt;

● Get turnover history;

● Receive user application;

● Clarification of props;

● Individual power outage / restoration services;

● Adjust the amount paid;

● Debt redistribution;

● Deferment of payment, etc.


Dmitry Golovko, General Director of Tbilisi Electricity Supply Company, said that by the end of 2021, it is planned to open 5 more similar centers in different districts of Tbilisi:

"Our goal is to make any service of" Telmico "available to as many customers as possible. We want the customers who come here to be able to receive the desired service in a comfortable environment, easily and without any problems."

Customer Service Center is located at 10 Otar Chkheidze Street in Tbilisi and it will serve the subscribers from Monday to Saturday.